Access control

Access control is one of the most important tools used to improve the security of a building and to make it innovative and smart.

We design and implement complete solutions, from the management software to the multi-technology badge readers, up to the physical barriers such as turnstiles that blend seamlessly into the surrounding architecture.

The systems are designed to guarantee security, while respecting privacy and favouring ease of use:

  • Vehicular accesses are controlled by Telepass technology, which allows mobile barriers or gates to be opened without having to get out of your vehicle.
  • Pedestrian accesses can be opened using proximity badges, biometric control or via smartphones with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface.

The management software is a truly integrated security platform based on a code that integrates third-party systems, generates advanced reporting and is designed to integrate intrusion protection, video surveillance and fire detection systems.

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Real-time monitoring is used to view the status of all the accesses from a single station, via the web or an App meaning that digital access credentials can be quickly issued and revoked. This platform is the ideal solution for automating the process of detecting, monitoring and managing personnel attendance data, allowing greater control over productivity, with significant cost savings.

The VISITORS App can automatically keep track of the flow of visitors to your facility: guests digitally register themselves without the need for assistance and in compliance with privacy regulations; the registration station issues a temporary paper badge, allowing them to check-out automatically using the QR code.

In addition to providing a log of visits, this management system allows you to display which guests are present in real-time, in compliance with the company safety regulations, also in the event of an evacuation.


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