Fabbri 1905

Fabbri 1905, universally renowned for “inventing” amarena cherries and fruit syrups, is a world-famous symbol of Italy’s confectionary industry.

A brand associated with quality throughout the world, Fabbri is dedicated to continuously developing new strategies, with products designed for mass consumption, for ice-cream parlours and for the food industry.

In order to guarantee its customers the highest level of security, and to comply with the strict food safety standards imposed by the United States’ markets, Fabbri hired Teleimpianti to create an innovative access control system, which allows them to monitor the movements of people and vehicles within the factories’ production areas.

Teleimpianti S.p.A. ha progettato e realizzato:


RFID badge readers.

Access control for forklifts with vehicle-driver association.

Visitors Software.

Web Alarm and Management.

High-security access through keypad and badge.

Integrated solutions for access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance.


Full-service maintenance.

On-site emergency technical support.

24/7 availability.

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