Fire detection and extinguishing

Teleimpianti designs and installs fire protection systems for facilities ranging from industrial buildings and offices up to high-risk environments such as airports, hospitals and large industrial facilities.

By detecting smoke, flames and heat, these systems are able to detect a fire quickly and accurately. They can also detect gases that are harmful to health and the environment.

We install automatic shutdown systems for particularly sensitive areas, such as data centres, libraries and high-risk areas.

We integrate EVAC (Emergency Voice and Communication) solutions, which allow pre-recorded audio emergency and evacuation messages to be broadcast.

Under normal operating conditions, these systems can also be used to broadcast commercial messages, announcements and music.

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All fire detection equipment is kept in perfect working order by our professional and prompt on-site maintenance service, which ensures that the entire system complies with fire protection regulations.

The systems installed comply with UNI 9795 and the UNI11224:2019 standard, which sets out inspection and maintenance procedures for the systems.


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