Digital Signage

Digital Signage solutions allow you to communicate directly and effectively using high-resolution screens.

Digital Signage is a network-managed means of visual communication used for advertising and displaying information shown on display monitors, video walls and large LED walls. Entrances, reception areas, halls, transit areas, sales areas, production areas and shop windows are just some examples of where a digital signage monitor can display business communications.

The advantages of a Digital Signage solution include:

  • ease of content creation and management
  • real-time updating of information.

You can remotely manage all the devices on the network, synchronize playlists of identical digital content on all the displays or group customized content according to a specific schedule or location. The content can be static, dynamic or interactive, with or without audio and can be modified quickly, increasing the attractiveness of the terminals. The objective is to influence user behaviour.

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Teleimpianti directly oversees the design and installation of the Digital Signage systems, choosing the best software platform and the most suitable display technology for the location.

The helpdesk and assistance service allows you to make the most of the Digital Signage technologies that are always up-to-date and operational, through an on-site FULL-COMPREHENSIVE maintenance programme.


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