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The VoIP solutions, (voice over IP), make it possible to digitize corporate telecommunications, ensuring advantages in terms of flexibility, efficiency and security.

Teleimpianti designs and installs the best VoIP telephony solutions and provides both on Premises and Cloud installations. Our systems engineers analyse your specific needs, allowing a significant reduction in management costs to be achieved.

An extensive suite of functions means that all telephone exchange services are just a click away, in full mobility, thereby facilitating hybrid working, i.e. flexible working between working in person on the premises and smart working.

All the functions of the company telephone system are therefore available on tablets, smartphones and laptop PCs.

The Cloud solution means you do not have to physically install a switchboard. Instead, you will have a completely safe ready-to-use solution: just connect and program the VoIP phones and the system will be ready immediately.

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We create communication platforms integrated with Microsoft Teams for making inexpensive phone calls, video calls and a high-level user experience.

Our VoIP solutions allow management costs to be reduced and the on-site technical assistance service means that they are always guaranteed.


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