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The SAFE HOME solution is designed to ensure the protection of your property and loved ones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The design and installation of the home security systems are carried out by Teleimpianti specialists and customized according to needs.

Intrusion and burglary protection system, external area protection, video surveillance cameras, anti-aggression function, home automation for comfort and energy saving are just some of the advantages of the possible solutions. 

The systems can be easily controlled and operated via a wall-mounted touch panel and remotely via a smartphone or tablet. This allows the following system information to be displayed at the same time:

  • The digital floor plan of the house including the installed devices.
  • Alarm messages that are generated in real time and their history.
  • Live and recorded video images.
  • The status of the devices and the disarming / arming of sensors.
  • The control and management of lighting and other electrical and plumbing installations.

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Our on-site, full-comprehensive 24 hours a day technical assistance program, guarantees a professional and prompt maintenance service, which is essential for ensuring the efficiency of the systems and their technological updating.

Teleimpianti specialists will assist you in the design and implementation of a professional security system that is customised according to your needs.

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