Teleimpianti designs and implements Wi-Fi networks with architectures of all types and sizes and is a certified partner of the world's leading Wi-Fi system manufacturers. Our solutions, designed by systems engineers, guarantee reliability, high capacity, connection speed, security and scalability.

The quality of a stable Wi-Fi service is guaranteed by the adaptive nature of the solutions that provide exceptional coverage even over long distances.

The latest generation access points guarantee high performance even in client high density environments, such as accommodation facilities and areas open to the public. Patented radio technologies minimise interference to provide a more stable and reliable wireless signal that can adapt dynamically to changes in the radio environment. 

The cloud controller allows you to monitor and control the Wi-Fi network safely and quickly, configure access points and have dashboards featuring alerts and reports.

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Our solutions have integrated firewalls with IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) technology and cyber security systems to protect the entire company network.

Our team of wireless network experts is also able to operate in multi-vendor environments: a professional on-site full-comprehensive maintenance programme can resolve any type of problem related to Wi-Fi connectivity, Cabling and Networking.


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