Ascot Ceramiche

For over thirty years, Ascot has played a leading role in Italy’s ceramics industry. Its headquarters, manufacturing plants and research laboratories are all located in the heart of the Sassuolo industrial district, globally renowned for its leading edge innovations, quality and style.

Ascot specializes in research concerning natural materials, clays and minerals, which are then transformed through exclusive technological processes in floor and wall ceramic tiles, symbols of a new home-living lifestyle and culture.

Over the years, Teleimpianti S.p.A. has designed and created the networking, security and telephone systems needed for efficient communication among the company’s operational centres, guaranteeing complete and reliable assistance for all the systems provided.

Teleimpianti has designed and built:


Intrusion security system.

Access control with RFID technology.

Perimeter video surveillance

Motion e activity detection.

Motion e activity detection.

Voip & Data

VoIP communication platform with DECT coverage.

Networking equipment with Gigabit technology.

State of the art Wi-Fi system which allows a comprehensive coverage in 2 factories, with “high-reliability” configuration controllers.


Servizio di

Full-service, on-site maintenance.

Unlimited on-site assistance, spare parts and calls.

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