Casa Sicura

Burglaries and break-ins are constantly on the rise: in Italy, a home gets robbed every 2 minutes.

For over 40 years, Teleimpianti S.p.A. has been dedicated to finding solutions for home-protection: the Casa Sicura system protects your home using video surveillance and state of the art intrusion detection alarms.

Maintain visual control of your property by connecting to a live-stream video of your home, using your smartphone or tablet.

Real and reliable protection for your propriety and your loved-ones, 24/7, 365 days per year.

Teleimpianti has designed and built:


Intrusion detection system with peripheral sensors on doors and windows.

Dual and triple technology motion detectors.

Remote access through smartphones.

Proximity RFID tags.

Easy to use.

Full-HD video surveillance.

Motion and activity detection.

24/7 digital recording.

Smartphone apps for live and playback view.

Technical assistance

12 months of full-service on-site maintenance services included.

Unlimited on-site assistance, spare parts and calls.

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