An energy dashboard to keep your energy consumption always under control.

We can monitor and record your energy consumption, reducing consumption by up to 30%.

How to obtain active energy efficiency?

Start by monitoring and measuring. You cannot change what you don’t know about and cannot know about what you have not measured.

Measuring and monitoring electricity consumption is the first step towards raising awareness and reducing wastefulness.

How to reduce energy consumption?

Use automation and control systems to ensure that you only consume the energy you need;

by implementing monitoring and maintenance services, you will see substantial, lasting improvements in energy efficiency.

Reduce energy costs?

Use strategies that cut down on the amount of energy you need, optimizing your facility management costs, and choose energy produced by means of renewable resources.

Easy to use, with just a few clicks you can access your data.

Through the use of pre-configured widgets you can identify and eliminate energy waste.

Available anywhere, anytime: information at your fingertips,

wherever you can access data from your tablet or smartphone.

Cloud technology that lets you cut out the cost of a complex data handling facility.

No software license needed. No specialized personnel required.

Teleimpianti S.p.A. does not use proprietary protocols, but promotes open solutions and

has EcoXpert certification.

The satisfaction of our customers is the most tangible testimony to the results achieved:

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